Shackin’ up with God

I started reading The Shack by William P. Young about two days ago. I’ve first heard about it a few months ago from my aunt, who got it through one of the girls that’s renting an apartment from her. She ranted and raved a lot about it and I thought of getting it, but forgot. A while ago I saw the book in a local Christian book store and after Cobus said something about the book, I decided to buy it.
It’s good. I’m almost halfway now and I am astonished by the way the author depicts God – as a big black woman using slang (something between Bubba Blue’s mom from Forrest Gump, The Oracle from The Matrix and Whoopi Goldberg); Jesus as a Hebrew guy with whom you can lie and watch stars out on a dock; and The Holy Spirit as an Asian lady working in a garden (haven’t read much about “her” yet).
I have great expectations from the rest of the book. There’s something about it that just gets me…
Also, check out
this guy’s blog.

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