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Dinner and a show (twice)

This week (mid-March) was St Patrick’s, as we all know and it was celebrated in different ways. I know my brother drank 16-20 Guinness Draughts. It tickles his fancy.
My friend Shaun and I went for a drink at Dros in Menlyn and while we sat there, we saw a stream of people flocking into the Barnyard Theatre. Interested, we went to see what show was showing and what the tickets cost.

It turned out to be a show called Rocking All Around The World, where they play music from 10 different countries, covering artists from Celine Dion, Bryan Adams, Alanis Morisette, ABBA, Bob Marley, Michael Flatley, Edith Piaf, Carlos Santana, Kylie Minogue, Johnny Clegg, Mango Groove, Steve Hofmeyr, Kurt Darren, AC/DC, U2 and more.

As it is all music that we like and as we’ve never seen a show at The Barnyard Theatre before, we thought: what the hell, ran to the ATM’s and drew our cash for the show – R100 each. But it was worth it! What a show! With a cast of 10 people they really did a tremendous job. Especially the girl playing the violin! As I play the violin myself, I find sexy girls cooking up a storm with that stringed instrument extremely hot…
At half time we went to get some take away from Fish Aways – good food, good company and good music! That is what makes my happy.

And so, the following night, the same kind of thing happened. A friend of mine, Geran de Klerk, had a gig at Cafe Barcelona in Elarduspark and as I’ve known about it for a while, I took my Bible Study Group for our quarterly closing to see him. Maybe it was a bit manipulative, as I haven’t seen him live yet myself, but whatever. The group liked the idea.

We got there way before the show started (although actually it should have started about an hour earlier, so we would have been just a little early) and ordered a platter, consisting of the three different snack baskets they offer. Our waiter was a short but funny, jovial guy who just wanted us to order more drinks all the time. He had his hands full, too – one of the guys in the Study group wanted to drink Rooibos Tea. Try to order that in a bar!

But again, the music was good. Geran plays a lot of ballads and his music speaks to you. One of the songs on his album, Stuck On Sullivan, called Father is one in particular that I identifies with more and more each day. As I’ve known geran since our days in Kollegetehuis together, I’ve always admired his own stuff. He also took theology for awhile, but it is a good thing that didn’t work out. He would’ve missed his calling completely. He is a musician and an excellent one on top of it. He will still go far.

Dinner and a show, two nights in a row. I like it like that. I wish I could do it more often.

  1. April 14, 2010 at 10:05 am

    Hi vriend, het hierdie nou eers ontdek, thanx vir die komplimente man!
    Sal jou binnekort weer by ‘n show sien!!!
    Groete daar!

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