How do we save people?

How do we save people?

We feed them.

When I was involved in the stealing of a Flight Centre-mannikin in my first year and I had to go ask my aunt to lend me some money to pay the debt I had (long story, I’ll provide it someday), the first thing she did (after she scorned me) was to give me some food.

Operation Hunger is a worthy cause to support. I want more info on them.

Meals on Wheels and soup kitchens do awesome work amongst people that are less priviledged. The different Social Services of SA are indisposable to say the least. Over Christmas, my mother and the CMD in KZN can’t stay ahead of providing holiday hampers (of food) to their customers and other needy people.

What do most of us do when we are sad? We eat. Anything.

In the gospel of John, after Peter had denounced Jesus before His crucifixion thrice, we see the disciples at the very end of the gospel doing what they did best (at that time): catching fish. But they struggle and Jesus tells them to throw the nets on the other side of their boat, resulting in them catching a crapload of fish.

When they return to the shore, guess what? Irony in the making: there they find a fire with a fish roasting on it already… And after they have eaten, Jesus asks Peter the three questions, reinstating him as an apostle – and that man went on to be the cornerstone of the earthly church.

Food is a critical ingredient of redemption/salvation. You can evangelize like a machine to a hungry man, but he won’t hear a thing unless you put something in his stomach. I know we can’t give money to every beggar at every robot in Pretoria (we’ll all go bancrupt), but how about buying a loaf of bread once in a while and passing some of that out? That we can do…

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