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Reality…the future…cruise ship…Fritz Deelman…movies…Gospel…family

My mind has been all over the place lately, mainly about the future and stuff, what to do with my life, and so on and so on. You’d think that after almost six years of theology I would just like to jump in and finally get to work, but no, that is not the case.

Let me tell you how things are going to turn out:
I’m going to work on a cruise ship, after I completed my studies, for a year, year and a half. With the money I make there I will pay off all my study debt. Then I’m going to the States to obtain the necessary skills in drama and directing/producing films.

Eventually, I will have starred in the Fritz Deelman-movie series, based on the books by Leon Rousseau. I will have won an Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role. I will be the head of the company Movies That Matter, producing films which spread the Gospel in a striking, non-preachy yet approachable and meaningful, life-changing way. I will be married to a lovely wife and have 4 kids, two sons and two daughters. I will have a house in California and one in South Africa.

I love my family and they love me. We will have fun together and enjoy life, the life that God gave us to enjoy to the full.

This is not dreaming. This is reality.

  1. Charlotte
    November 16, 2007 at 2:55 pm


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