Friday Night Lights is back! Yeahh!!

Yeah! FNL season 2 is here finally!
Okay, I know I sound a little overexcited or what not, but I like the show and it is back so…yeah!!!
What I want to write about is the show’s theology, or take on Christianity if you want to call it that. We start the season with Layla Garrity’s sudden conversion and baptism, beautifully depicted in a river and everything. We then see her pray at school, with intentions towards Tim Riggins. Does she want to convert him as well? Looks like it, I mean, she sounds sincere and all. She invites him to her church, the more charismatic one in town, where the preacher claims that Jesus said He will take your past away if you follow Him in His burial. (When did Jesus say that???)
Riggins, later (and this made me burst out laughing) tried to kiss Layla back at her home, claiming that he feels closer to God when he is with her. She chases him out, asking if he really thought that line was gonna work on her.
So she turns to the juvenile hall to witness there or something and ends up helping a young guy on probation getting a job at her divorced father, Buddy Garrity’s dealership, after he accused her that outside of prison she would not have been caring but would have ran the other way. So she decided (and said that) to put her money where her mouth is.
Interesting to note her is something we learned in the Faithful Witnessess course we did the past few days with Professor Malan Nel – we can’t all do everything, but we can all do something to evangelize or to help people.
Then there is the other side – Landry and Tyra’s covering up of a self defence murder…by throwing the body in a river!! Now, everybody knows that bodies in rivers always manages to reappear.
The take here is on Landry’s spiritual crisis, struggling to live with himself, especially after the reverend in the Reformed church service preached on David and Batsheba’s adultery. He didn’t even hear him talk about forgiveness, he just stopped listening at the part where David was found out! But he said then, afterwards, he would rather spend his life in jail than to live a life trapped within his guilt.
So this is as far as we are with the series. As we go along, I will keep you posted.

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