Rugby and prayer

I don’t have a lot to say about it this time. If you aren’t convinced that South African Rugby players bring honour to God for their talent when they pray on the field and that it is not to get God to turn on the other team, nothing will. Just check Bakkies and Habana, to name but two. They are not afraid to do it with millions of people watching them or reading about it in the papers. So in fact they are heroes. They make mistakes and get angry and hit people and tackle them high and score the most beautiful tries and scrum like animals. So we judge them about it and say that Christians shouldn’t do it. CAN THAT F-ING TAXI JUST GET OUT OF MY WAY??!!!
Seriously, and we say THEY are the hypocrites?
I love rugby, I love rugby players, I am friends with them and i think they are some of the most sincere people in the whole world.

Op die Bokke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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