The shirt-thing

Hey everybody!
So yeah, I see this T-shirt thing got you guys…talking! I just want to clear up one or two things: maybe I did not give my own view of Jaco as clear as I should. I think he is a great guy and I believe I did not degrade him at all in my previous post. If I did – sorry, Jaco! I did say that I think he was very brave for doing that and that we should all testify wherever we go. I just said that we must look at the means we use.
As for edge100, I’m not sure I understand you correctly. Anyone who calls himself a Christian is a Christian…yes, again, if his/her actions corresponds with what they confess. I know that there has been MANY, MANY interpretations of this “piece of Iron Age literature” and the interpretations will just become more as time goes on, but one thing you cannot escape and that is that it tells you to love your neighbour and it exclaims the “golden rule” : DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU’D HAVE DONE TO YOU…
(Interesting how that one will work out on a rugby field 😉 )
But hey, crucify me for making a few comments, please.
(We watch FNL at our residence at Tuks…we get the episodes through a network. I’m going to watch the season finale right after I’m finished with this post!)
Upcoming stuff: maybe another fairy tale distorted (iemand het my ‘n idee gegee rondom Rooikappie…), maybe another movie analysis or if something dramatic happens I will write about that. It has been too quiet for too long now…
Cheers and keep safe!

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