On returning: The Comeback

Hey everybody
Okay, a while ago I said that it is possible for a person to Return. That is the big kind of Return – the kind that when it looked like you ran away but you came back. You can also call it the Comeback, which is actually a better word, it has just been used a bit too often.
People can make comebacks in a lot of different ways. Anton Leonard made a comeback for the Bulls after a year on the side. Ds Louis Venter returned to Universiteitsoord after a few years in Stellenbosch. I returned to Kollegetehuis after a year in a commune.
People do it all the time, and still the people around them think: “Hmmm. What are they up to?”
They are up to nothing! The thing is this: sometimes you need to get out – out of the place you are in fisically and emotionally, out of the situation, out of the circumstances. You need to do that to get perspective. This achieving of perspective may be hurtful sometimes, because in order for that to happen you need to leave behind some things or people that are dear to your heart. You will miss them and they will miss you.
But if you get the chance to return, to make the comeback, and you take it, the return can be ever so sweet! It can be a much rewarding experience, and there really is nothing like coming home. There is something of this in the parable in the Bible of the Prodigal Son. We all know how it feels when you come home to people you love, even if it means you have to take yet another risk just by going back. Because the return is NOT always sweet. That, too, can sometimes be a big mistake, a step back.
I think it depends on your reason for returning, for your comeback. Is it because you are afraid to stay outside for too long? Is it because you feel comfortable there? Is it because you feel that you still (and maybe now even more) have something to offer?
Whatever your reason is, it depends on the circumstances wheteher it is right or wrong for you.
Something that you will have to accept, though, is that the place/people/things you return to will inevitably have changed. It is not going to be exactly the same as when you left it. As long as you can make your peace with that and still go along with this “new” way of life, I can’t see a reason why anybody can not return or make a comeback. The problems start when you are still stuck in your old mindset and you try to enforce it on the people who stayed behind. It is not your right to do that! Yes, participate by all means and give input, but remember that YOU were the one who left! They stayed behind and took control of things. YOU are the one that is returning. Making a comeback requires maybe more discipline than you thought.
Oh, but once you made your peace with it and you can start to define yourself and your role in a new way…a comeback may be the best thing you can experience. Ask the Prodigal Son. He had a whole feast prepared in his honour!
You can return too. You can make a comeback too. To anything: Home, friends, family, a town/place you lived in…and back to God. Yes, a comeback requires discipline and going with a new system, but God is always waiting for you like a Father with open arms that wants to embrace you after you’ve ben away.
So do it: take some time off, get perspective, but remember that The Comeback is always possible.

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