The Return…

Hi everyone
Yup, this is a new year full of new stuff, but spiced with good old faithful friends, some new ones and confirmation on a subject I have been pondering about: returning.
I’ll bring the whole post later, it’s at home and I want to make a good effort with it. For now it suffice to say: sometimes you have to get away for a while from where you are, only to return later – stronger and more mature, shaped and more ready for the work you were supposed to be doing in the first place. You have to get away, yes – for the people’s sake and your own, but once you return, there are new ones that need your guidance and now you can actually mean something to them…
Thank you for everyone that has been reading this and those of you who left comments, I find it very interesting. Some of my own replies:
On Bringing races together – what do you mean by that exactly? Merging of people? Because that is mix breeding and I am not really a supporter of that. And don’t throw it against my head that Afrikaners exist of Dutch, French and the like. It is not the point. That happened unforced and in different circumstances. By the way, they are all still their own people.
On Geloftedag – that’s quite interesting, that all celebrations stopped and was introduced by Paul Kruger again. I don’t think it matters what he thought of the world and its relation to science. That wasn’t really part of the promise, now was it? All we have to do is pass on the truth from one generation to another. And by that I’m not just talking about a group of Boers’ promise to God, I’m talking about the Good News of salvation – in every aspect of our lives. Who are we to say that Jesus didn’t die on the cross to save the people at Bloedrivier? What would Good News Mean to them? Isn’t Jesus the Saviour of our whole lives? Just a thought.
Anyway, I promise I will bring some stuff soon. I already spoke about the whole John Eldredge-thing. Also, there is this correlation between rugby and religion I’m also gonna expose and I would love to hear your comments on that!!!

  1. Annemarie Venter
    January 22, 2007 at 12:14 pm

    Bringing races together. Meaning on a level of conversation (or something like that). Trying to comprhend with other races, tryig to understand how it’s like to be in a specific race. Nothing like marriage or couples or anything like that. Stick to your own when it comes to that. For instance starting a conversation when there’s a racial barrier. I’m white, you’re black. Let’s put that aside and focus on each other as individuals, a normal friendship with someone from a different race. Mail me at if you can.

  2. aldi
    January 29, 2007 at 1:45 pm

    The truth is that 3000 people died that day. I can’t see why I should be proud of that and therefore I will not celebrate it.

  3. January 30, 2007 at 11:35 am

    I won’t comment on Jesus dying to save the whites at Bloedrivier. But does that make Jesus a white-man’s God? Why didn’t he save the Zulu’s?

    But on a more light-hearted note. Just found out a few weeks ago that a couple of generations ago my great-great grandfather married a slave from some African country or something. Our family most-probably came from that marriage. Maybe that’s why I didn’t get burned that bad by the T.O sun:-)

  4. April 7, 2007 at 8:36 pm

    Hey Tiaan, I’m still waiting to hear your expose on religion and rugby! Or are you waiting until after the Super 14? 🙂

    Perhaps I don’t understand the context of Bloedrivier properly but I certainly wouldn’t think of Jesus dying on the cross to save a certain group of people in a war – whether they be Afrikaans or Zulus or Americans or Iraqis. I see Jesus on the side of the poor, the weak and the oppressed. History teaches us that it is dangerous to place God behind any reason for war, especially church history.

    I think of Bloedrivier as a time of desperation, in which an outnumbered group of terrified people who were fighting for their lives made a desperate promise – as many of us have – “God, if you get us out of this we’ll honour you!” As to whether God was the one that got them out of that, or extreme courage and bravery, I do not know; but I think the point is a promise was made to remember God and the promise was kept. To extend the meaning of that promise to smsing “remembering a time when Afrikaners got things done” does not seem to me to be in the spirit of the original promise – which I think is what you were saying in your original post on this.

    Would you feel ok with Zulus or Xhosas celebrating famous victories against the Boers and the British?

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